Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not About Size – It’s About Life!

Half of Me is a personal story that turned into a website and them a book. It’s about a girl who lost half of her size by plain old diet & exercise. I read her blog and she has some very profound things to say about the whole body image/dieting/size issue. My favorites are here and here.

When I was in high school and wore a size 12, I was convinced I was the fattest girl on the planet because I was so much bigger than everyone else. In retrospect, I was a hottie and didn’t even know it!

As I’ve “enlarged my territory” – my main concern for reducing is because I want to be in good health. Even at my current 22/24 – I still look good! Especially when I’m wearing one of my own designs. But, I have noticed that the extra pounds have impacted me in ways that I do not like. So, for me, and I hope for you too – it’s not about the vanity of buying a size 10, or looking like Beyonce, or even attracting Mr. Big. . .

Plentty. . .It’s all about living a quality life!

Yes We Can - Join the Movement!

Borrowing a phrase from our president-elect, Yes We Can build a plus-size fashion empire! A company that will take the limits off what plus-size fashion should be. Putting the power of choice into the hands of plus-size women everywhere.

The plan is to design, source, manufacture, and sell our clothing over the internet. As business expands, we will wholesale to indie (independent) plus-size boutiques. From there, the next step is to open our own boutiques across the country to give our customers a complete shopping experience. After all, online shopping won’t help me get a dress for a wedding that starts at 3pm today.

What Do We Need? We need you! Your ideas, your opinions, & your resources. Visit our ‘Designs” page on and vote for which dresses you like best by clicking the “Contact” link to email us your choices.

As we grow, we will need help spreading the word about our efforts. We want to be on every blog, fashion website, & magazine. If you would like to be a part of building this new company, email us and let us know how you can help.

We will also need money to turn our dreams into a reality and we’ll be launching a major crowdfunding initiative to do this. Bookmark this blog to stay posted on our progress.

Plentty: Yes We Will!

Like It or Love It?

Like everyone else in America, I’m watching my pennies very carefully. Since I’m spending less money on clothes, I want to make those dollars count big time! I want to buy clothes that I love, not just like. Clothes that make me look good, feel good, and that express who I am. Not just things that are okay.

Actually, it’s cheaper in the long-run. The clothes that I’ve been buying all these years that were just okay were not free! I had to pay for them, even if I never wore them again. Some of these items I discovered I didn’t really like while others didn’t fit right. In both cases the end result was a bunch of stuff in my closet and never anything to wear. Eventually, a lot of these clothes ended up on my yearly garage sale or going to some poor soul at the Goodwill.

I’ve made up my mind to reserve my fashion dollars for clothes that I really, really, really like! I would rather spend $80 on a dress that I love, instead of $40 on one that’s just okay. I can’t afford okay anymore, I want WOW! The only way for me to get the Wow is to create it.

Plentty: Bringing the Wow to Plus-Size Fashion!

More Than Black!

I celebrated a milestone birthday back in August and my best friend from high school and I threw ourselves a party. We began planning the event back in April and neither of us were able to find the right dress until right before the event. Even then, we ‘settled’ because time was no longer on our side!

We were both looking for girly, fun, feminine dresses that did now show the parts that we prefer to keep hidden. My favorite color is peridot green, hers is purple, and we were looking for dresses in these colors. If we wore a size 12 or smaller, this task would have been a no-brainer. Because we are both east of a 12, it was a big headache. If we had chosen to wear black, we would have had much better luck. In fact, the over abundance of black in plus-size clothing offerings is beginning to make me hate black. Where are the options? It’s like manufacturers are saying that we are not worthy of the rainbow of choice offered in smaller sizes. I reject that . . .big time!

A few years ago I was in my local style-conscious, big box retail store and ran across some velour track suits in the luscious colors. They had melon, aqua, lime, navy, burgundy, and black. I quickly hurried over to the women’s department because this retailer usually carries the same items in both misses and plus. To my chagrin, they had the track suits but the only colors available to me were gray, navy blue, and of course black! I was not a happy camper.

My goal in launching my own plus-size apparel company is to make sure this never happens. I want to give all women the freedom of choice - in color, style, fabric, & design.

Plentty: Join the Revolution!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why?. . . .Reason #1

Why do I want to start a plus-size cothing line? Because I don't really like what the existing manufacturers and retailers are offering me.

One major issue is that most dresses and skirts are designed for short people. I've noticed that even when I find a cute dress or skirt, it will be several inches above my knee in the front and 4 inches shorter than that in the back.

If you are one of the millions of well-endowed women with an ample rear window, you can feel my pain! While being bootilicious is the "in" thing right now, it does take a lot of fabric to cover all that up. So, if you start with a dress like this one that's already short in the front, and add in some booty, you can imagine the draft a girl will feel!

I like this dress. I like the fabric and the detail and I can see myself wearing this to a wedding, or to work, or to church - with a chain belt so it does not make me look like I'm expecting. I would not buy it because it's just too short. While this may be okay for club-hopping, if you are not a club-goer you would be hard-pressed to find other occasions to wear it alone.

I could wear this over some jeans with some boots - but that's a more casual look. I think that the mainstream plus retailers are doing okay on the casual clothes tip. Denim is always available whether it's jeans, skirts, or jackets. Knit tops and silky blouses abound. What's not available are really nice, girly, flirty, chic dresses and skirts.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It All Starts Now!

Hello World!

Welcome to Plentty, a blog to chronicle the creation and startup of a new plus-size fashion line.

Starting my own fashion label has been a dream of mine since I was a size 12. For those of you who don't know me - or 99.9999% of the world - that was a really, really long time ago. It suffices me to say that I am now firmly ensconced in the ranks of of Americans who wear a size 14 or larger. According to one source, this equates to about 95 million people.

Why now?..............Why not now? While it's true that the global economy might be in the toilet, being a glass-half-full girl that I am, I see 'opportunity' which nicely lines up with the 'need' that I've seen for years. In spite of all the strides that I've seen in plus-size clothing over the last 20 years, I still cannot find things that I really want to wear.

Fashion is about self-expression. It's about telling the story of you with clothes. Everyone has their own story. For women who wear a size 12 or smaller, there are enough manufacturers telling enough stories to ensure that one of them will fit. For those of us on the right side of 12, we only have about 4 or 5 stories and most of them involve grandma or tweenagers. Not nearly enough to cover the diversity of who we are.

My goal is to alleviate this - with your help!

Plentty. . .Tell Your Story!