Sunday, November 16, 2008

Like It or Love It?

Like everyone else in America, I’m watching my pennies very carefully. Since I’m spending less money on clothes, I want to make those dollars count big time! I want to buy clothes that I love, not just like. Clothes that make me look good, feel good, and that express who I am. Not just things that are okay.

Actually, it’s cheaper in the long-run. The clothes that I’ve been buying all these years that were just okay were not free! I had to pay for them, even if I never wore them again. Some of these items I discovered I didn’t really like while others didn’t fit right. In both cases the end result was a bunch of stuff in my closet and never anything to wear. Eventually, a lot of these clothes ended up on my yearly garage sale or going to some poor soul at the Goodwill.

I’ve made up my mind to reserve my fashion dollars for clothes that I really, really, really like! I would rather spend $80 on a dress that I love, instead of $40 on one that’s just okay. I can’t afford okay anymore, I want WOW! The only way for me to get the Wow is to create it.

Plentty: Bringing the Wow to Plus-Size Fashion!

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