Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Than Black!

I celebrated a milestone birthday back in August and my best friend from high school and I threw ourselves a party. We began planning the event back in April and neither of us were able to find the right dress until right before the event. Even then, we ‘settled’ because time was no longer on our side!

We were both looking for girly, fun, feminine dresses that did now show the parts that we prefer to keep hidden. My favorite color is peridot green, hers is purple, and we were looking for dresses in these colors. If we wore a size 12 or smaller, this task would have been a no-brainer. Because we are both east of a 12, it was a big headache. If we had chosen to wear black, we would have had much better luck. In fact, the over abundance of black in plus-size clothing offerings is beginning to make me hate black. Where are the options? It’s like manufacturers are saying that we are not worthy of the rainbow of choice offered in smaller sizes. I reject that . . .big time!

A few years ago I was in my local style-conscious, big box retail store and ran across some velour track suits in the luscious colors. They had melon, aqua, lime, navy, burgundy, and black. I quickly hurried over to the women’s department because this retailer usually carries the same items in both misses and plus. To my chagrin, they had the track suits but the only colors available to me were gray, navy blue, and of course black! I was not a happy camper.

My goal in launching my own plus-size apparel company is to make sure this never happens. I want to give all women the freedom of choice - in color, style, fabric, & design.

Plentty: Join the Revolution!

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