Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not About Size – It’s About Life!

Half of Me is a personal story that turned into a website and them a book. It’s about a girl who lost half of her size by plain old diet & exercise. I read her blog and she has some very profound things to say about the whole body image/dieting/size issue. My favorites are here and here.

When I was in high school and wore a size 12, I was convinced I was the fattest girl on the planet because I was so much bigger than everyone else. In retrospect, I was a hottie and didn’t even know it!

As I’ve “enlarged my territory” – my main concern for reducing is because I want to be in good health. Even at my current 22/24 – I still look good! Especially when I’m wearing one of my own designs. But, I have noticed that the extra pounds have impacted me in ways that I do not like. So, for me, and I hope for you too – it’s not about the vanity of buying a size 10, or looking like Beyonce, or even attracting Mr. Big. . .

Plentty. . .It’s all about living a quality life!

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