Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why?. . . .Reason #1

Why do I want to start a plus-size cothing line? Because I don't really like what the existing manufacturers and retailers are offering me.

One major issue is that most dresses and skirts are designed for short people. I've noticed that even when I find a cute dress or skirt, it will be several inches above my knee in the front and 4 inches shorter than that in the back.

If you are one of the millions of well-endowed women with an ample rear window, you can feel my pain! While being bootilicious is the "in" thing right now, it does take a lot of fabric to cover all that up. So, if you start with a dress like this one that's already short in the front, and add in some booty, you can imagine the draft a girl will feel!

I like this dress. I like the fabric and the detail and I can see myself wearing this to a wedding, or to work, or to church - with a chain belt so it does not make me look like I'm expecting. I would not buy it because it's just too short. While this may be okay for club-hopping, if you are not a club-goer you would be hard-pressed to find other occasions to wear it alone.

I could wear this over some jeans with some boots - but that's a more casual look. I think that the mainstream plus retailers are doing okay on the casual clothes tip. Denim is always available whether it's jeans, skirts, or jackets. Knit tops and silky blouses abound. What's not available are really nice, girly, flirty, chic dresses and skirts.

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