Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sizing & Fit Models

One headache for women of all sizes and shapes is sizing. It's entirely possible to wear a 24 in a Jones New York skirt and need a 18 in a Lane Bryant slack. Although the type of fabric and style of the garment does impact the size you would wear, the most important factor is the fit model used too create the patterns.

Fashion Education 101 - a fit model is a live person who represents the ideal body type that the designer is looking to design clothes for. The fit model's measurements are used to build the sample patterns and these patterns are graded up or down depending on the size.

If I were designing a line of dresses for petite busty women, sizes 0 to 12, I would find me a women who had this body style and whow wore about a size 6, the middle of the range. I would then take about 40+ measurements and use them to make my first sample dress. I would try the dress on my fit model and make any adjustments. Once it fit perfectly, I would grade the pattern down to sizes 0, 2, 4 and up to 8, 10, & 12.

For Plentty, I've decided to focus on clothing for women who are:

  • Taller women who are 5’7” to 5’10”
  • Basically symetrical figures with a waist indention
  • Full bust – use D cup as standard (4” between chest & bust)
Here's the size chart that I'll be using for the line:

Below is a photo of my dressmaker's dummy that I've padded to represent the body type that I'll be designing for.

If you live in Memphis area and are interested in being a fit model for my clothing line, email me. There's no pay for this role right now but as the business grows, you will have lots of opportunities.

See you later!

Business Update

I realized that I've been sadly neglecting my posts for this blog and decided to remedy the situation this week while on vacation in Orlando.

Plentty: The Clothing Line is still in the planning stages. My plan is to launch the One-of-A-Kind (OOAK) and custom clothing store on etsy.com once I finish school in June '09. This initial collection will be mostly skirts, a major focus of the line. You can suscribe or follow this blog and you'll be notified when the first items become available for sale.

Will chat soon. . .Toodles!