Sunday, October 31, 2010


This was the fist Halloween with my younger nephew and niece. They were so excited about going Trick or Treating! I took them over the neighborhood and they had a blast.

First Items Available on Etsy!

Yeah Me! I just posted my first 4 items on Etsy and I'm so hyped! I feel like I'm officially going places with by business. Check 'em out -

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Do It!

Hi America!

After years of research, planning, branding, more research, planning, re-branding, and yet more research and more planning - I've decided to dive in headfirst into the world of indie crafty handmade entrepreneurship.  I've finally learned that if I wait until I have all the answers and know how everything should work I'll never do anything.

I have expanded the focus of the brand from just plus-size clothing to a lifestyle brand that includes art, jewelry & accessories, and home decor.

In keeping with the "Just Do It" strategy, here are some photos from my first craft show. It was this past weekend at the RiverArts Festival in the South Main Historic District here in Memphis. I didn't get to finish everything that I wanted to show but I accomplished the main goal which was to just do it.