Monday, August 1, 2011

Fall Fashion Forecast. . .Sunglassed Needed!

I've been looking at the Fall 2011 collections and I'm seeing some things that intrigue me.  Here lately, I only like about 20% of what designers show on the runway.  This year it's the same but a couple of things I'm feeling are:

Odd Color Combos for Fall 2011:
  • Black & Blue - not navy or power, the bright elecytric blue
  • Peacock & Purple - from shades of lavendar & royal purple paired with teals and aquas
 Fashion Themes I Like
  • Conservative Vintage - think Kate Middleton's gown or Mad Men chic
  • 70's Midi skirt lengths - below the knee
Trends vary by location so it's good to check multiple resources.  Here are a few I like:



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