Monday, December 19, 2011

75th Diamond Birthday - Bishop Philemon Turner, Sr.

My pastor turns 75 on 12/26 and his family threw him a birthday party at the Memphis Hilton saturday night.  It was fantastic!  He looks about 60 and is in great health - no medicine, no glasses, and he walks almost everyday.  He is truly a role model to follow in taking care of our temples.

I've been asking God to help me to take care of myself because I want to be around and be functional for as long as I can.  I started walking a few months ago and have lost 12 lbs. as of last week and I can see a difference in how my clothes fit.  Yeah!

Here are some photos of me at the event.  Yes, I'm a girly-girl and will take advantage of every opportunity to dress up.  Thankfully. . .I left my tiara at home this time!

For 2012, make it a priority to do your style, your way!  Don't settle for what someone else says you should wear!

Be Blessed!

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